Slow Vinyasa yoga

This form of yoga, is a flow from one posture to another posture in combination with your breath. That’s why you have more different postures. The whole time you are moving with your body.  I also use props to align the body more, so you also get more benefits from the poses. The name Vinyasa comes from Sanskrit. Vi means “in a special way” and nyasa means “to place”.

Hatha yoga

This form of yoga has often postures with no flow poses. The postures are combined with pranayama and meditation. This is the most ancient an traditional form of yoga. Broken down, Ha means “sun” and Tha means “moon”. This form of yoga balances perfectly the sun- and moonenergy. It makes your body pure and it will give vital energy. That energy will flow through the energy canals of your body, also called nadis. There are two important nadis which go aroud your spine. Pingala and Ida nadi. Pingala is the energy on the right side and Ida on the left side of your body.